Crafted in North Carolina

Full Builds

Give us the canvas, we do the work!

No cookie cutter jobs here. We work with you to determine your needs and design your dream rig! We take all activities and lifestyle requirements into consideration. We can even plan for future growth or flexibility with a modular setup!

All our work meets or exceeds RVIA standards.

Design Consultation

Want to build your own but don’t know where to start? We can help you with every aspect of the planning. From the advantages and disadvantages of different systems and materials to correctly sizing electrical wire. We will cover it all!

Your build at a stand still? We excel at problem solving.

Upgrades and Modification

Already have something but want more? Has your lifestyle changed and now you need more flexibility? We can upfit and modify to fit your needs.

Partial Builds

If the thought of cutting large holes in your vehicle keeps you up at night…. We have a solution for you! Partial builds get you over the hump of the initial building process. Typically involves installation of: Insulation, Windows, Vents, Skylights, Subfloor, and Electrical prewire.



Wanderlust 2.0

Budget Build



Mahoff Build

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    Jessica and I are forever thankful to Nathan and Dacia for their incredible assistance while building our van (the one on the left). Nathan did every thing from choosing the van to fit our lifestyle, drawing up the blueprints, assisting with the build, and offered/provided his knowledge every step of the way. I would have made endless mistakes if I didn't have Nathan's help. My wife and I can proudly say that our van is complete and that our lifelong dream has finally come true, which would have not been possible without Nathan. I would 100% recommend Nathan to build anyone's van.
    (Quote from Facebook 2017)

    WanderlustPT'sGabe and Jess